Cause And Effect System - VETHAHIRI MAHARISHI செயல் விளைவு தத்துவம் வேதாத்திரி மஹரிஷி

When human civilization was young, education and literature were rare. In such periods, the enlightened people made efforts to spread their revelations for the welfare and peace of mankind.

In the course of their efforts they framed the path of religious devotion (Bhakthi). Under this system they glorified the divine power in imaginative ways. They exalted this divine force and created a belief that God will reward those who worship Him with all the comforts of life. They further created and described an imaginary place called “Heaven”, claiming that those who indulge in good deeds and lead a virtuous life will be accorded a place there by God. They did this in order to motivate the innocent people to engage in good acts. In order to strengthen the inducement to perform good deeds, they created another imaginary indulges in bad or evil acts will be forced to go there and be subject to unbearable sufferings. Thus they induced people to carry out good deeds by elaborating the joys of Heaven and threatened them by instilling a sense of fear about Hell so that they would not indulge in unwanted activities. In those days people accepted the belief if such illusory places as Heaven and Hell, and adhered to the preaching of the learned persons and, to a great extent, desisted from indulging in unwanted activities. In this way the devotional path was successful according to the expectations of the preachers.

In today’s scientific era, people are no longer able to believe such imaginative stories about the divine. It has now become essential to propagate the enlightened explanation of the universal law of cause and effect.

The Divine omniscient consciousness assigns results according to the nature of actions. Mankind should realize this truth and perform good deeds with awareness, resulting in benefit to himself and to society. The prosperity of life is created by our own deeds. As the self-surrounding compression force of the Almighty is present everywhere and in every object, any motion or action will give appropriate result, according to the divine justice. At present and in the future mankind must accept the justice of the law of cause and effect.

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